Visual Minuting for Engagement Events

It is exciting to learn something new or to refresh your knowledge!  We are so pleased you are choosing to learn with us and the other 98% of learners who have passed our accredited courses.

If you are planning to have your learning with us accredited, then select the accredited option at your preferred level of study.  If you are not being accredited for your learning you can choose any module level because the levels are only different in their assessments.

Introductory module

Describes how the platform works and requires participants to sign a learners and plagiarism agreement

Building a Visual Vocabulary for Visual Minuting

This module enhances reflexive thinking and practice in learners and develops new skills designed to create 21st Century Public Servants, with sufficient engagement skills to drive and build social capital.  The learning within this module will require you to draw on your learning from the programme and demonstrate how you would use your new knowledge to build social capital through community engagement.

Listening Skills for Visual Minuting

This is where the practical skills required to code data from an engagement event and make use of it as part of an ongoing engagement strategy will be taught.  Our six step model will take you through the key stages of coding data through to the completion of a themed report

Organising and Synthesising Information in a Visual Minute

This module guides learners through a reflective process of looking in detail at their current engagement principles. The lesson within this module will help you to develop a shared understanding that becomes the basis for further learning. You will learn definitions of community engagement and understand how to match the method of your engagement to your purpose.  You will also get an understanding of the key principles of building social capital.

Going Live – Visually Minuting a Meeting

World Cafes are often used at the start of an engagement process, but they comfortably sit at any stage. They have been used as a pre-curser to a Participatory Budgeting programme as it enables communities to share their experiences and insights in a relaxed, informal, yet fun atmosphere. This module will share the philosophy and development of World Cages, through to the key stages of planning and the roles that are required to make sure that your World Café is a big success