Welcome to the help pages of MutualiLearn. On the pages that follow, you’ll find a wealth of information about MutualiLearn and how to use it.

There is one general rule about getting help with MutualiLearn:

  1. If your question/problem is about the module you are studying – you need to get in touch with your group leader using the form on the right hand side of any module page.
    Reasons you might contact your course leader include:
    – Difficulty understanding content
    – Questions about the reading list or supplied materials
  2. If your question/problem is about the system, including any problems with assessment submission or accreditation – check the FAQ before contacting the helpdesk.
    Reasons you might contact the helpdesk include:
    – Difficulty submitting assessment
    – Lost password
    – User account issues
    – Concerns or complaints

But before you do anything…have a look at the frequently asked questions. Answers to most common issues are here and this is available 24/7.

There are also a range of guides available to help answer common questions and issues:

Submitting work on MutualiLearn
Social Networking
Sharing your achievements